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Welcome to Get Sorted Manufacturing

We are a new business and we would like to tell you about what it is that we do and how we could help you.

Get Sorted Manufacturing is focussed on helping manufacturing businesses improve their operational performance, profitability and competitiveness by delivering practical solutions.

We do this by working closely with your business team to develop and deliver improvement programmes which sort your issues and challenges, and deliver quantifiable bottom line results.

At Get Sorted Manufacturing we use our expertise and experience to help you

  1. do more for less, by driving productivity improvements;
  2. challenge the status quo and deliver better ways of working;
  3. develop your people, providing them with appropriate tools and techniques to improve their area of responsibility;
  4. on your journey, to Operational Excellence, Lean, World Class Manufacturing (WCM) or wherever you are aiming to be.

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We at Get Sorted Manufacturing have been there as well!

We understand the challenges facing today’s manufacturing operations - the increased workload, limited resources and change ongoing constantly -  and we understand how to get things sorted in today’s operating environment.

We have much experience of delivering practical solutions, improvements and changes which result in bottom line business benefits.  

That’s why we think Get Sorted Manufacturing can help you “get sorted”.

Take a look at our Services Page for further details of where we can help or contact us via the details below.